Interior designers and consultations

Every project begins with an interior designer consultation. The meeting can take place in our office or at your place. Together with the interior designer you are going to discuss complex idea of your new interior look.

The main function of the Interior designer is consulting your ideas. In case you are not decided how the new interior look should look like, we will definitely give you our own interior design solution. You are going to go together through all materials, furniture, colours, wallpapers, carpets and other decorative aspects, that you would like to see in your interior.

Together we are going to go through all our partner´s catalogues thank to which we are going to create the premise for the upcoming project. Of course, we are going to create 3D interior design, where from all sides you are going to see how the interior is going to look like.

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Why to use services of an interior designer?

When you are interested in renovation of your interior design, it is very important to not underestimate this step. Renovation of your interior is not taking place very often, therefore the result is very important. Your interior design can be with you for many years therefore redesigning your interior has to be precise and with no mistakes.

The interior designer will help you with this. Our designers are regularly trained in an interior design area and they have big knowledge about the aesthetics and art. There is no one who would be more competent for helping to renew your interior.

What follows after the consultation?

After you and your interior designer are going to agree about the main premise of your future designed space, we are going to create 3D space realization. There will be all elements chosen present. We are going to send you the 3D realization for confirmation. After that 3D realization you are going to have better picture about your future space. Afterwards we start with the realization process.