Alivar was established in 1984 in Florence, Tuscany. It is dynamic developing company, that determines trends in development of technologies, architecture and design. Alivar furniture is timeless, modern and suitable for almost any space. The most significant advantage is the uniqueness and consistence of the design and style.

This company works with various materials and always tries to manufacture its products to the smallest detail. The products are not „only “modern but also always try to be original. Right now, we are offering two collections – Home Project and Brilliant which are the best what current interior design area offers.


Alivar Home Projekt

Home Project has been designed by Italian architect Giuseppe Bavuso. Style, timelessness and popularity all around the world are the main features of this collection.

Alivar Brilliant Lifestyle

Simplicity, comfort and nice decent character gives a soul to each product in this collection. This collection can create spaces, that impresses intimately, sophisticated and warmly. Products of this collection are focused on customers that like luxury and sophisticated interiors. Italian brand with very well-known name is a guarantee of quality. This Italian company gained very good reputation during years thanks to its vision. Customers, sellers and designers from the whole world are looking for this company as they set the trend with its attitude towards living. You can order Alivar products at our showroom.

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